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Ready to reclaim your confidence and revive your hair? Schedule your consultation with the best hair specialist in bangalore - Dr. Senha Sood at Sood Aesthetics and Hair Solutions, where we specialize in natural-looking hair transplant and restoration services.

We offer a wide range of hair transplant and hair restoration services in bangalore, including.

Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a modern and advanced hair transplant technique that involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp and transplanting them into the areas affected by hair loss. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and the surgeon uses specialized tools to extract the hair follicles one by one, leaving minimal scarring at the donor site. The transplanted hair follicles grow naturally in their new location, providing a natural and seamless result.

Hair Transplant Repairs and Revisions

Hair transplant repairs and revisions are specialized services aimed at correcting and improving the results of previous hair transplant procedures that may have needed to meet the patient's expectations or were performed using outdated techniques. It is not uncommon for individuals to seek hair transplant repair if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of their initial procedure or have experienced unnatural-looking results.

During a hair transplant repair or revision, the surgeon will carefully assess the existing transplanted hair and donor area to determine the best course of action. Depending on the specific issues, the surgeon may perform additional hair transplant sessions, use techniques like FUE, or redistribute the existing hair grafts to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and satisfactory outcome.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

PRP therapy is a non-surgical and innovative approach to hair restoration that utilizes the patient's blood to stimulate hair growth. The procedure begins by drawing a small amount of the patient's blood, which is then processed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood components. The platelet-rich plasma, which contains growth factors and other bioactive substances, is then injected into the scalp in areas of thinning or hair loss.

How Does Sood Aesthetics Hair Clinic Combat Hair Loss?

Sood Aesthetics Hair Clinic combats hair loss by exclusively utilizing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques to ensure our patients receive the finest hair restoration. Our approach combines artistic and scientific methods, tailoring the treatment to each individual's unique facial characteristics. We meticulously design a natural hairline that complements their facial features, resulting in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Driven by a mission to offer natural-looking hair transplant and restoration services, Dr. Sneha Sood focuses on those suffering from hair loss. With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) expertise, Dr. Sneha strives to be the preferred choice for hair restoration, gaining recognition as a prominent figure in treating hair loss. As a leading hair transplant and restoration doctor, she takes immense pleasure in providing the best possible remedies to her patients.

What services Sood Aesthetics and Hair Solutions offer?

What hair services we offer?

  • Dermarollez: A cosmetic procedure that involves using a derma roller to stimulate collagen production and improve the absorption of topical hair growth products.
  • Mesotherapy: A non-surgical treatment that involves injecting a customized cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and medications into the scalp to promote hair growth.
  • Hair Transplantation: A surgical procedure where hair follicles are harvested from the donor area and transplanted into the balding or thinning areas of the scalp.
  • Hairline Construction: The artistic process of designing and creating a natural-looking hairline for hair transplant patients to enhance their facial features.
  • Hair Weaving: A non-surgical technique where natural or synthetic hair extensions are woven, braided, or attached to existing hair to add volume and length.


Sood Aesthetics and Hair Solutions offers various hair-related services, including hair transplantation, hairline construction, hair weaving, derma roller, and mesotherapy.

Yes, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into areas affected by hair loss.

The recovery time can vary from person to person, but most patients can resume their regular activities within a week after the procedure.

Yes, the transplanted hair follicles are typically resistant to hair loss and will continue to grow naturally, providing permanent results.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) involves extracting individual hair follicles, while FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves removing a strip of scalp and dissecting it into follicular units. FUE leaves minimal scarring, while FUT may leave a linear scar.

Dermarollez is a cosmetic procedure that uses a derma roller to stimulate collagen production and improve the absorption of topical hair growth products, enhancing hair regrowth.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment where customized vitamin and mineral solutions are injected into the scalp to nourish hair follicles, stimulate growth, and improve hair health.

Yes, hair transplant procedures suit both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Yes, hairline construction at Sood Aesthetics and Hair Solutions is designed to suit each patient's unique facial characteristics, ensuring a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

Yes, hair-weaving extensions can be customized to match the client's desired length, color, and texture for a seamless blend with natural hair.

Most hair restoration procedures are performed under local anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort during the treatment.

Dr. Sneha Sood is a highly experienced professional specializing in hair restoration and has gained recognition as a leading hair transplant specialist.

A consultation with Dr. Sneha Sood is essential to assess your specific hair loss concerns and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

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